Ben Mook Technical Services | 213.700.4664

Dedicated team player
Facility design
Large format console commisioning
Expert repair of all audio equipment
Small signal audio design

Over 10 years of technical experience in all aspects of recording media including, but not limited to installations,
maintenance, schematic interpretation, operations and analog/ digital signal processing equipment repair.

--Freelance Clients--
Atlantic Records - Hollywood, CA
Boom Boom Room - Burbank, CA
Serenity Sound - Hollywood, CA
High D Studio - Los Angeles, CA
M.A.D. Labs - Hollywood, CA
Chalice Recording - Hollywood, CA
Pacifique - Burbank, CA
MAD DOG - Burbank, CA
Studio G Brooklyn - Brooklyn, NY
DigIt Audio - New York, NY
House Of Blues Studio - Encino, CA

Additional client list available on request
References available on request

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